As part of Toowoomba Regional Councils Waste Management Strategy 2017, Bellwether in our continuing involvement across the Darling Downs are proud to have delivered three Waste Transfer Facilities for the community.

It was not an easy job by any measure as we had significant;

Safety risks, including:

  • working at heights,
  • working with and in and around large earth-moving equipment,
  • fatigue management
  • Health and well being with DIDO rosters and people working away from home,
  • Confined work zones,

Environmental and community issues, including:

  • Asbestos,
  • Contamination,
  • Latent deleterious fill material,
  • Vocal and passionate Community/Stakeholders,
  • Interaction with numerous government agencies…DTMR, TELSTRA, ERGON, DES.

Logistical issues, including:

  • Remote environment/logistical restraints,
  • A project footprint of > 100km,
  • Working in an operational facility,
  • Over 25 different trades and work disciplines,
  • Restricted labour and plant markets,
  • one of the driest periods on record.

Commercial Issues, including:

  • Tender Program Logic out the window,
  • A hard dollar, design and construct contract.

Bellwether’s approach (as always) was to work collaboratively under the council proposed contract, to cultivate relationships and focus on the end goal of delivering great facilities for the community in a time and cost-effective manner (not to mention award winning!).  Whilst it certainly tested our collective engineering, planning and project management skills, we are certainly a lot wiser and better equipped for the future.

Thanks to all our suppliers, sub-contractors, staff and our client at Toowoomba Regional Council for the successful delivery of this contract.