ARUP Warrego Highway

Project Location: Mount Crosby -Warrego Highway Interchange

Client: Arup (Consulting Engineers)

Project Value:


Project Description

Mount Crosby Road is a TMR LRRS and forms part of the District Road network that runs westerly from Moggill Road in Anstead to the Mount Crosby Road / Warrego Highway interchange at Chuwar.  The subject section of Mount Crosby Road stretches from gazettal chainage 3.400km to 4.100km and is located at the interchange with the Warrego Highway.  The interchange incorporates a two-way two-lane overpass bridge and two roundabouts providing eastbound and westbound on/off ramps on the northern and southern of the Warrego Highway.

Bellwether Contribution

This project will investigate solutions to resolve the following issues:

  • During the morning commuter peak traffic banks along Mount Crosby Road to the north towards Junction Road (thought to be due to high number of southbound weaving vehicles approaching the northern roundabout)
  • During the afternoon school/commuter peak traffic banks back to the south along Mount Crosby Road (thought to be due to northbound vehicles being held by U-turn traffic travelling to the north from the Warrego Highway westbound off-ramp at the southern roundabout).
  • There is a general lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure on Mount Crosby Road when travelling through the interchange and across the Warrego Highway.