Hunua 4 Watermain – John Holland / Fulton Hogan JV

Project Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Client: Waterway Constructions

Project Value: Sections 1 – 9, 22 km, approximately NZ $250 million (Watercare value)

Schedule: August 2012 – September 2016

Project Description

Sections 1 to 9 of this project saw the joint venture partners, John Holland and Fulton Hogan, build a 22km section of pipeline through Auckland, from Redoubt North Reservoir in Manukau across to Mangere and Onehunga and through to Campbell Road, One Tree Hill, to ensure security of future water supply and to cater for population growth.

This 22km section of a 28km pipeline involves tunnelling under the Southern Motorway, constructing three pipe bridges over waterways, under railway lines, crossing over 950 existing services, 70 major relocations and commissioning to Watercare’s existing live bulk water system.

The project scope also included the laying of 15.5km of 1.9m diameter pipeline, 6.5km of 1.6m diameter pipeline plus smaller diameter sections, 16 major line valves, pits and ventilation, numerous tunnelled sections as well as extensive continuous traffic control, community consultation and stakeholder engagement. Extensive sections of the pipeline were constructed through difficult ground conditions involving both rock and soft ground excavation.

Sections 10 and 11 of the project will complete the NZ$376m pipeline’s 28km route through to Epsom and finally Khyber Pass in 2020. Water is being supplied to the community progressively and as of June 2015, 7.5km of the pipeline is operational.

Bellwether Contribution

Bellwether were engaged by the Fulton Hogan John Holland Joint Venture (FHJHJV) to provide Bid Management for the preparation and submission of the tender proposal for Section 10 of the Hanau 4 Watermain. Section 10 extended from Campbell Road at One Tree Hill 2.5km to Market Road, Epsom.

The bid manager coordinated the tender resources, provided input into the tender strategy, commercial and contract terms of the tender, client correspondence, also critically reviewed the methodology, schedule, subcontract and supplier submissions and overviewed the risk and opportunity assessment for costs, safety, environment and community.

Prepared and presented to the FHJHJV management committee the details of the content of the tender and progress during various tender meetings and in particular the preliminary and final tender reviews.

The Section 10 works were secured by the Fulton Hogan John Holland Joint Venture within the overall Watercare Budget of NZ$40m (including FHJHJV works, Watercare design and management, and pipe supply). The Section 10 works will be commissioned in June 2017.