Rangeview Park Landslip Remediation Project

Project Location: Algester

Client: SMEC

Project Value: < $1 million

Schedule: Late 2014

Project Description

In January 2011, a landslip occurred that affected vacant council land and a portion of the Rangeview Townhouse complex. The landslide within the complex caused substantial damage to the properties boundary fence, internal fencing, landscaping, timber retaining walls and a section of a boulder retaining wall all located in the south eastern side of the townhouse complex. The boulder wall was in a distressed state with significant bulging occurring in front of the wall, significant movement having occurred of boulders within the south western portion of the wall and settlement of the wall also evident.

The designer produced a design that involved the installation of deep bored piles and a concrete sleeper wall to retain the failing slope.

Bellwether Contribution

Bellwether provided an alternative construction solution at the tender stage to use soil nail wall that would provide considerable savings for the client.

This solution was adopted and Bellwether was engaged by Rangeview Park Body Corporate to construct a soil nail wall and associated works at the townhouse complex.

The main challenge of this project was carrying wet and dirty work in a cramped area while trying to minimise the impact on nearby residents.

The project started in October and was completed successfully by early December 2014.