Seqwater – Esk & Somerset Water Treatment Plant Chemical Bund Upgrade

Project Location: Esk & Somerset Dam


Project Value: < $1 million

Schedule: Early 2015

Project Description

The Esk WTP had a common containment bund for both the alum and soda ash dosing systems. To ensure compliance with AS3780-2008 (Storage and Handling of Corrosive Substances), separate bunds for soda ash and alum were required and both bunds required a general upgrade.

At both WTPs there was no chemical unloading bund constructed, which lead to an environmental and safety concern if a major spillage were to occur while loading liquid alum into the storage tanks. The new loading bunds would be constructed adjacent to the existing alum fill points and easily accessible by the existing delivery truck

Bellwether Contribution

Bellwether was the successful tenderer and engaged by Seqwater to design and construct chemical bunds for Esk and Somerset Water Treatment Plants.

This involved:

  • Upgrading the existing internal chemical bund at Esk Water Treatment Plant
  • Building new concrete bunds at Esk & Somerset Water Treatment Plants to capture any potential spills while delivering Alum to the site.

The project was awarded in late November 2014 and completed in early April.