Bundi Creek Bridge

Bellwether Contractors – Building on over 100 years of combined bridge building experience within the company!  We are pleased to have been awarded yet another bridge project, following on from the success of our bridge replacement in Mackay.  It is our in-depth technical knowledge, our commitment to innovation and ability to service remote projects that make us the go-to team for projects like this. 

The Bundi Bridge project involves the replacement of the existing timber bridge on Bundi Road at Wandoan Creek. The existing bridge is of timber construction, low lying and with poor flood immunity.  Bellwether in conjunction with WDRC (Western Downs Regional Council) will replace this structure with a contemporary concrete bridge, with improved flood immunity and load capacity.  This will provide greater support for residents and industry reliant on this link during times of flooding and will support use by modern, heavy vehicle configurations.

Bellwether are also responsible for the demolition and salvage of the existing timber structure as well as the bridge approaches.  

The Construction Delivery Team for this project have been involved on some of the most complex projects in Australia. The project is being managed by Bellwether’s Project Manager John Walsh. He and his team have extensive experience in delivering infrastructure in a range of challenging environments. Bellwether are passionate about applying lessons learned and sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients in an ever-constant commitment to improving how we plan, deliver and track infrastructure project delivery.